Thursday, March 3, 2016

Holiday program

Cherish Academy and Cherish Edutainment  presents 
Learn through  Funz Activities and Edutainments 
t:+6566189386 e: one 

Watch out for our coming Master My Maths March and June  Holiday Camps

1) Master My Maths Enpowerment camp 
( Facilitator Adeline Ng and Bernadette Chua ) 
2) Enrichments Camp 
(Facilitator :Dr Rajesh R Parwani and co-facilitator Adeline Ng)  
- Physics Camp
- Science Camp 
-Maths Camp
3)Little Einstein Science Camp 
4) Arts Camp
5) Speech and Drama 
6) Cherish Culinary
7) Einstein Financial Literacy

Maths camp for
Maths Age group :13-17 years
Date :   (Saturday ) ( Saturday )
Venue : East Coast
Time   : 1pm to 6pm

*Book prizes will be awarded  finally baking.

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Cherish Edutainment

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