Thursday, January 21, 2010

Early Headstart Clinical Maths

Hundreds..... scored "A"s for school Exam.
Notes and worksheet will be given to students .
Each worksheet is specially designed to tailor to the student's learning ability.
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Our students

Our students 


Headstart to Distinction in Mathematics

Dear Parents and  Students,

Have a early headstart with Master Maths Specialists to guide your child to distinction* . Improvement assured *.Intensive lessons for students that failed for year end exam 2009 . We can HELP your kids to be more motivated in Maths and acquire new skills and  technique to handle Exam questions. Clinical Maths specially provided for weaker kids .Many students have scored A1 from the initial score of F9 or C for PSLE Maths.90% scored A for 2009 Exam .Hundreds of students have benefited from the Master Maths Specialists' coaching and drilling . All students have improved vastly .

2009 Students from Singapore Chinese Girls , Cedar Girls , Monfort, ACSI, St Nicholas, St Gabriel ,Xinmin Sec School,Peicai Sec,Canberra Sec ,ACS ,Maris Stella ,PL MGS, UWCSEA ,Australian international School, Singapore Poly....

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