Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hundreds of students' Feedback

Feedback from Parents and Students (2008-2009):

(Singapore Chinese Girls)Julie Foong Scored A within 3 months of intensive AM maths Tuition
(Monfort Sec) Shawn Lee Jinxi Got A1 for 2009 Sec4 N maths Exam
(St Nicholas) Chang Dong Ran I understand every lesson in detail , effective ; The Best Tutor for me
(UWC ) Megan Improved with ONE month of intensive Tuition (Sep 09-Oct 09)Easy to understand & Pace is great.
(UWIC ) Emily Payne ..... I understood every lessons ....she introduce method to remember Formulae easier ..... My school teacher is very pleased with my improvement ...
(St Gabriel ) Aston Paul Singh Can understand clearly
(Paya Lebar ) MGS -Ong SuXia.....learn a new method to solve questions...
(Xinmin Sec ) Lionel Teo Detailed Explanations and i have scored A at last
(Presbyterian High ) Cheryl Phua Lesson is well explained ,concepts can be easily understood
(St Gabriel ) Surej singh Very helpful in lessons,can explain very well , very good Teacher.Scored B3 from Fail in Sec 1/2
(Peicai Sec) Xara Yuen Lesson is interesting and detail,  i have improved from C(PSLE) to A1 for sec 1 Paper 1 scored almost Full Marks!
(ACSI) Sean Lee Adeline has help me alot in AE MAths . Scored both As for O Level Maths

*Every student has undertake to put in extra effort  fulfill all theworksheets provided by the Master Coach

2 Timothy 2:2
God teaches us so that we can teach others

Why God Made Teachers?
When God created teachers,He gave us special friendsTo help us understand His worldAnd truly comprehendThe beauty and the wonderOf everything we see,And become a better personWith each discovery.He gave us special guidesTo show us ways in which to growSo we can all decideHow to live and how to doWhat's right instead of wrong,To lead us so that we can leadAnd learn how to be strong.In His wisdom and His grace,Was to help us learn to make our worldA better, wiser place.

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