Monday, February 1, 2010

Master My Maths (MMM)

Master My Maths ( MMM)
Have Love for Maths
Master my MATHS PROGRAMME With Ms Adeline Xene
Primary 6 and Sec 1- 4
Proven Track Record :
80 % and above  scored A
Excellent Improvement
From F9 to A (Impossible? Call 93850386 to check up how)
100% students understand topics taught
1000s of Great Feedback from Parents and Students
Tutored Clinical Maths Programme for Students
Founder of Master My Maths Programmes
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Loyal and new customer

Dear Loyal and New Customer,

Call 66189386 for  various Master My Maths Programme
1.  We thank you for your valuable support and we treasure your stay with us. We again look forward to your continued support in the new academic year and trusting your child continued education .
2.  This year is a challenging year and amidst the booming economy around the world. We always treasure our loyal customers and we will provide the best privileges and deals to cushion the impact of the fees increase. As an appreciation to your support, we would also be offering you special privileges to the fees.
Loyal Customer Privileges
a) Pay Lower Fees
The course fees would be adjusted in the new Academic Year. However, to thank you for your support, all loyal customers who are currently with us would enjoy the following discount on the course fees as follows:
• Loyalty discount – 20%  off fees
• Referrals – generous fee rebates  of up to $100 when you recommend your friends and family to signup with us

a) Premium Master My Maths Excel Tuition Programme
This new service is offered to all students who need special guidance to achieve excellence and distinction in their subjects. The lessons conducted will be interactive as we thrust the students into a creative learning environment that will enhance their learning all round.
b) Value-Added Clinical Tuition Programme
This service caters to students who are weak in the subject and require more personal attention to gain that extra mile for improvement. We will be focusing more on the imparting of necessary skill sets for the students to effortlessly tackle the subject.
a) Individual Coaching

This service is offered only upon your request and subject to availability.
Class Size

We  pride ourselves in the personal attention we provide for the child. As such, we endeavor to keep our class sizes small (Max 10) to facilitate learning. The following are the class sizes for all our tuition programs as follows:
• Class of 10 and below - taught by Master Teacher
4. We provide feedbacks and recommendations on your child’s academic progress with us through a Parent-Teachers’ Meeting  (PTM). The PTM will be a group based meeting for 20 minutes and the objectives of the meeting are as follows:
• Tutor’s scheme of work for the semester
• Tutor’s feedback on the results and analysis of the mock exams conducted
• Student’s progress and recommendations for areas to be improved

The schedule of the PTM will be made known to you in due course. 
5. We always value our customer’s feedback on the quality of our services rendered in the areas of our tuition programs, tutor’s teaching, scheme of work and our counter services. We would really appreciate if there is any areas that we can improved on, please do not hesitate to raise these issues during the PTM.
6. Review of SA 2, PSLE, GEC ‘O’ Level. Kindly submit a copy of your child’s latest exam-papers & scripts and/or report card from the school when you join us.
Awards for 2009 Students
• Excellent performance

• Significant improvement
• Good effort and attitude
7. Foundation & Headstart  programs (1st Jan 2010 to 30Oct 2010) . To ensure that your child has excellent head start for the year, we are offering preparatory classes that introduce the subjects and topics which would be taught in the school .
You are encouraged to enroll for the Foundation and Headstart programs to help your child keep up with the momentum in study and learning.
8. We wish your child the best in the coming examination.
 For other enquires, please call 93850386. Thank you.

Master My Maths . Start prepare for your GCE O level

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