Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Intensive Nov/Dec Master My iMaths Clinical workshop

 100% happy Students with significant improvement
 Standard            Kovan MMM             SengKang MMM          
                                   SAT           MON                 WED       THU
Sec 4 A / 3A              20/11          22/11                 24/11        25/11
Sec 4E  / 3E              27/11          29/11                 1/12           2/12
Sec 1E  / 2E              3/12(Fri)     6/12                   8/12          9/12
                                  11/12          13/12                 15/12         16/12
Sign up before 28th Oct ,
you get FREE 4x half hour CAMI Maths plus a gClub membership

                                                                        Fee : $488
                                                  Limited vacancies - Sign up asap!!! Don't Miss !!!
                                                   hotline :93850386 / 66189386 
                                                    email    :

Testimonials:Master My Maths Great Achiever

100s of a happy Students 

Super achiever with MMM

SMS from Bryna of St Joseph Convent
" ....89/100. Thanks for helping me when i needed help in maths"

Monday, August 2, 2010

U can jump your grade like him!

If u want to do it , u can jump your grade!

MMM students @ Work - I try My Best

Shawn is Mastering His Maths

To : Sec 3/4 students - Trigonometry Topic

Check up how other students has done?
Be like one of them. Join us 

Formula to take Note
Maths is Alive !!!

Useful Trigo Formula to remember for Exam
Last Minute Revision - Call 93850386 for Help
Don't waste time copying from the white board , pl download from here!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mater My Maths is Fun Easy . It works. I understand Algebra Now!!!

Algebra is Easier now !!!

Secondary Algebra is Fun , Easy ! Maxim @ Work

Master My Maths Semester 2 HeadStart MMM

Learning is FUN 
 Binomial Theorem 
Secondary Additional Maths
Secondary Maths - Geometry of Circle

Students  @ work A/E Maths

Learning is a Happy Experience!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Head Start MMM to prepare yourself for Exam

A1? Impossible? Possible?
Master My Maths Program @ Cherish academy

a) Premium Master My Maths Excel Coaching  Programme
This new service is offered to all students who need special guidance to achieve excellence and distinction in their subjects. The lessons conducted will be interactive as we thrust the students into a creative learning environment that will enhance their learning all round.
b) Value-Added Clinical Tuition Programme
This service caters to students who are weak in the subject and require more personal attention to gain that extra mile for improvement. We will be focusing more on the imparting of necessary skill sets for the students to effortlessly tackle the subject.
a) Individual Coaching
This service is offered only upon your request and subject to availability.
Class Size

Creative & innovative Fun Filled Activities & Events

Motivation Workshops
Teachers Trainers Workshops
Education Fair and Road Show 2002

@ Krtc for Krtc Tutors & Branch Managers

Master Trainer Bernie and Adeline
Master Motivation Coach Adeline

Adeline @ President's Young Talents Charity Ball

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Call 66189386 for a Consultation in Master My Maths Programme

u want to score Distinction?
Maths Specialist
90% of my Students scored A through Drill and Practice
and lots of hours spent in practice practice practice!
U think is impossible to achieve Ace?
 I dare u to take the challenge!
90% scored As for 2009 Exam .

So in 2010 , i dare u to be the next one!
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If u don't spent time to practice , how to Master My Maths?

Intensive A Maths Tuition

 Join us for Intensive Last minute A Math tuition From fail to pass is possible with us. Call +65 93850386 for immediate attention.