Friday, December 20, 2013

iMaths4explorers Maths books available online and amazon

Integrated Mathematics By Adeline Ng and Rajesh Parwani
Watch our Utube  . Our Solution books are available .
 Integrated mathematics for Explorers by Adeline Ng &  Dr Parwani

Integrated Mathematics for explorers

 We comprise of a team of highly accomplished teachers , maths coaches ,math trainers  , Math enthusiastic and avid  Maths explorers .
Our vast teaching experience and curriculum know-how has enabled us to effectively inspire students and trainers  to realize their potential to the fullest.

Online ,FaceTime coaching available

Friday, October 18, 2013

Early Headstart for 2016

Early Headstart 2016

a) Master My IP Maths ( Integrated Programme  ) Coaching  Programme
This service is offered to all students who need special guidance to achieve excellence and distinction in their subjects. The lessons conducted will be interactive as we thrust the students into a creative learning environment that will enhance their learning all round.
b) Master My Maths Clinical Tuition Programme
This service caters to students who are weak in the subject and require more personal attention to gain that extra mile for improvement. We will be focusing more on the imparting of necessary skill sets for the students to effortlessly tackle the subject.
a) Master My Maths Individual Coaching
This service is offered only upon your request and subject to availability
Call +65 66189386 for consultation 

Exam Review Course 2015 starting soon . Call  our teachers for details 
From the course , you will discover your weakness on the topic you are weak in . 
A must to bring when u sign  for this special course 
1) End of year exam paper 2015
2) Mid year exam papers 2015
3) 2015 test papers 
4) your report book result 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quick March Revision on Quadratic Equation 2016

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We provide small group coaching and 121 coaching through Skype and Whatsapp

Maths Quick Revision for sec 2/3/4 students
Quadratic Equation 
Master My Maths
1. Factorize
a) x ² -25
b) 2x ² - 18
c) 25x ² -4 x ² y ²
d) 16 x ⁴ -16
e) 2 m ² - 4m
f) 2x ² - 2x -12
g)x ² -5x -6
h) 2(x ² -4) - x-2
i) x ² /9 - 16
2 . Factorise the followings :
a) (x-y) (2p + 3q ) -(y-x) ( 4p + 5q)
b) 4a ²  x + 12 a ²  y - 3y - x
c) 4a ²  - 9 ( a+b) ²
d) 2x ² -14x +24
e) x ²  - 4xy + 4y ²  -1
f) m ⁵ - m
g) mp -q + mq -p
h) 8-2( x-2) ²  and hence draw the graph stating the x and y intercepts and the line of symmetry.
3a) Given 9x ²   -12xy + 4y ²   =0 , find the value of 2x/y
  b)Given that ax-2ay-3bx+4by =0, find 3x/4y in terms of a and b
4) solve the following
a) x ² -9 = 0
b) 2(2x -1) ² - 8 = 0
c) x(x +2) = 0
d) 3x ² - 6 = 0
e) a ² - a = 6
f) x/2-x/4 -1 = 0
g) (x -3)(x+2) =0
h) x ² +2 = 2
I) x ² - 2x + 1 = 0
5)Solve using perfect square method
a) 2 x ² -6x + 15 =0
b) x ² = 4x + 3
6 ) solve using formulae
a) -x ² - 4 x -2=0
b) 3 a ² -12 a = 9

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Intensive O Level Maths revision for students in need

Intensive O Level Maths revision for students in need ( financially ) 
As long as you have the desire to improve your Maths , we offer this coaching to you absolutely FREE. 
God is love and we love you too . 
Call 93850386 


Call 66189386 



Date schedule
Oct 5 /6 /12/13/19/20
Time : 9am - 1pm
Time : 1 pm - 5pm
Call 66189386 or
email : to book your coaching now
Limit to only 12 students per program

Mastery on : 
Geometry Proof
Linear Law
Binomial Theorem

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Intensive Jun holiday Master My Maths program

Intensive Jun holiday Master My Maths program  
by Our Team of 
      Maths Guru 
      Maths Specialist 
      Ex Top ACSI student 
Call 66189386 for free consultation 

Exam Review for all students 
Diagnostic Review for all students 
Modular Topic 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Unleash your talents in Maths .

Unleash the Maths Genius in U !!!

121 / Small group / Group of maximum 20 Students Maths Programme 

Subjects: E Maths
              A Maths
              ip Maths
                                GCE O Level Maths 
                                 GCE A  Level Maths
                      IGCSE Maths
              IB Maths 

Intensive tailored made  Coaching available as well

Saturday, March 23, 2013

MASTER iP Maths Specialist

Master iP Maths is here
Call us for further details
Students from Temesek Junior college ,Raffles Institution , Anglo Chinese School (ACSI), Duman High , Cedar Girls Sec.......have improved significantly after our MASTER iP MATHS programme

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Master My IP Maths

Call 66189386 for Details 

We educate and transform you .
We coach you and connect you on how to master  Advance Maths.
We provide a learning space for you to develop skill and techniques in advancing your Maths skill.
We provide workshop on " how to ease yourself during exam preparation"
We provide " Stress Management " workshop
We provide " Improve your Brain Power " workshop 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Maths Whiz Competition @ Iscos Book Grant ceremony

Grand Ceremony

A Maths competition starting ......

Primary School Maths competition

Parents Maths Competition 

Watching the interesting Game

                                         Winner under Group A
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iTutor International
Master My Maths
CAMI world wide

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We are your Maths Doctor  !

Free online maths lesson

From C to A ! It's possible with MMM. GCE O Level Result

From C to  A ?
From Fail to A ? Many of our students have achieved A.
It's possible with MMM. 
Past GCE O Level Result . 

Significant Improvement :-
( 12 months of intensive coaching & drilling )
Jia En from Paya Lebar MGS
Joelle from St Nicholas Sec School
Darren from Catholic High School
Jeremy from Catholic High
Maegan from Nan Chiau High School

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Early Headstart for Everyone

Early Headstart with Master My Maths 

Master My Maths Coaches and Mentor
Mr Francis 
Ms Esther
Mr Eric
Mr Nicholas
Mr Luther 
Mr Michael
Mr Brandon 

           Happy Students with Master My Maths 
Emila " I understand the concept after attending MMM, I scored Distinction for Maths"
Class " We are cracking our brain for these challenging maths sums"

More than 85% Scored 'A' s for GCE O Level

85% of my students  Scored 'A' s for GCE O Level 2012

100% Students have passed the GCE O Level 2012
100% students showed significant improvement.

To all MMM O Level Students
"Congrats to all students that performed excellently well .
Thanks for the confidence and trust in Master My Maths programme"

Master My Maths . Start prepare for your GCE O level

Master My Maths   ❤ Master My Maths❤   Start prepare for your GCE O level ❤