Friday, February 19, 2016

CHERISH ACADEMY presents 2016 June Holiday Camp

Master My Maths Science Physics campJune 2016 Holiday Camp @ Bukit Tinah ,  East area 
Please register your interest at 93850386

Cherish Academy presents 
1) Master My Maths camp
2) Little Einstein Science Camp
3) Einstein creative  Arts Camp
4) Einstein Financial Literacy camp
5)Speech and Drama acting camp

A) Objectives of the Enrichment Maths Camp:
 -To enable students to experience  beauty and creativity in mathematics,
 and its relevance to the everyday world, in a fun and interactive environment.
*Book prizes will be awarded during the quiz part of the programme.
Rewards (for registered participants):
2 maths books worth up to $40 in total.
Topic : Adventures in Mathematics. (3 hours Maths camp )
a)Creative problem solving.
b)Some stories of real world mathematics, and mathematicians.
c)Quiz -A maths competition!
Maths camp for Age group :  13-15 years old (sec1-sec3 ,IP 1/2/3)
                                                14-16 years old (sec 2-sec5, IP 2/3/4)
B)Master My Algebra interactive  Camp
Objective :
 To enable students to understand algebra can be as easy as ABC with the right tecnique and solving skill.
Maths Age group :13-14 years  (sec 1-sec 2 ,IP 1)
Maths Age Group : 14-16 years (sec 2-sec4/5 ,IP 2/3/4)

A will be conducted on 1st and 3rd week of june holiday
B will be conducted on the 2nd and 4week of june Holiday in various location
2) Little Einstein science adventure camp
Topic :Robots
Age :4- 6 years old
3)Einstein creative Arts Camp
Any of the programme as below :
Oven baked clay on frame
Plasticine on frame
3D recycle modeling
Crepe paper silhouette on frame
Oven baked clay keychain
Oven baked clay with candle gel
Sock puppet making
4)Einstein Financial Literacy
A good number of children play computer games at home and in recreation clubs. The parents of these kids may not know that coding is an important skill that can be learned quite easily. To encourage children to unleash their creativity, we offer a 2-day coding program for kids. The parents themselves can attend a story-telling workshop to inculcate the right financial values and habits in their children.
5) Speech and Drama (Acting camp)
Acting and presentation skill

Online ,FaceTime ,skype coaching available

Sec 3/4 IP 3/4 students - Trigonometry Topic:
Formula to take Note Maths is Alive !!!
 Useful Trigo Formula to remember for Exam Last Minute Revision -
Call 93850386 email for Help ...

Master My Maths . Start prepare for your GCE O level

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