Friday, June 29, 2018

Master My Maths

Join us for Mathematics tuition. Master My Maths with our coach and specialist.
Contact 93850386.

Adeline Ng, author of mathematics book titled
' Integrated Mathematics for Explorers'

She is a mathematics lover and explorer. She has used her vast teaching experience , and personally tailored curricula, to enable students achieve significant improvement in their mathematics competency and reach their maximum potential.

She has specially customized each lesson according to school syllabus and each individual learning ability .

100% happy students and 100% happy parents .

She is motivated , dynamic with lots of passion and commitment in imparting her knowledge and skill to students .
She has helped thousands of students achieved distinction and improved tremendously in Mathematics with her unique special style of coaching  .

Students that failed badly were able to improve significantly to achieve distinction .

Many happy students
from RGS ,RI ,ACS independent , ACS international ,Anglican High, Cedar , catholic High , Dunman High , SJI ,SJI international , Nanyang, Hwa Chong ,Hwa Chong International , Bedok Green, Temesek, St Nicholas, St Andrew, St Joseph, Bukit Batok, chung Cheng,....

100% perfect score is possible after her guidance and coaching.
You can excel like our happy students.

Every lesson is carefully tailored to each students learning ability.
Work sheets and practice works are specially customised to make sure the students can fully comprehend the basic foundation of each topic. Students are trained to handle common exam questions and steps to score maximum marks and how to eliminate careless mistakes.

We are all well versed in school syllabus, GCE O Level, IGCSE, Integrated Programme (IP), IB syllabus.
We prepare students well for major exam.
Know your maths formulae and understand when and where to apply

Our Mathematics Programme :
1)Master My Maths Head Start programme
2)Fast Maths

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