Thursday, October 27, 2016

5 days last minute intensive GCE O Level 2016 maths marathon

Intensive Maths Marathon and intensive headstart program.

A1? Impossible? Possible?
5 Days Last minutes to master Calculus ,Trigonometry .
A recipe to pass your GCE O Level 2016 Additional Mathematics Exam !
Call 93850386 to start now . This may be a very last chance to pass if you are always failing and  to score distinction if you are average students.

Master My Maths Programme CAN help you to achieve your Dream grade Join our early head start
 Master My Maths Excel Programme 2017 .
This service is offered to all students who need special guidance to achieve excellence and distinction in their subjects. The lessons conducted will be interactive as we thrust the students into a creative learning environment that will enhance their learning all round.

5 days last minute intensive GCE O Level Intensive Master My Maths Camp

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