Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Be a winner ilike our Ace students.

Well done and congrats to Elisya,  Monica , Gabrielle, Xuan,  Wenli,  Nicholas,  Samuel , Bryan,  Omar,  Kaira, Wenli, Shawn, Cameron, Ryan,  Nick,  Joey,  Victoria,  Kelly,  Joan for having scored well for exam. Our happy students.

From fail to Ace in maths is possible  with Master My Maths Programme .

 Ace students

IP Maths lessons are fun and interesting 
We can do the impossible 


Elisya Tung RGS IP4 (from GPA 1 to GPA 4)

Gabrielle Of SCGS IP 2 (from C to A1) 

Xuan ( from C to A1)

Nicholas Foo (from E to A1)

Shawn of Dunman  High 

Breakthrough Improvement.

Many students have improved tremendously after joining us.
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Master My Trigonometry and Master My Algebra

Our programme  :
Master My Algebra
Master My Trigonometry
Master My Mensuration
Master My Graph

Master My Maths Super Achievers
Nicholas Foo

Excellent improvement after Master My Maths Programme.  

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