Monday, January 28, 2019

Friday, January 18, 2019

Super achiever Significant improvement

Only within less than 1.5 months, our students grades improved tremendously . Congrats to my student Wan Ting of Crescent Girls that scored perfect score for her GCE O level. She had improved tremendously during a short period of intensive revision , from a B4 to A 1 for both AM and EM . Well done and keep up the great work and effort. Special thanks to the parents that write such sincere appreciation note to me. Really makes my day . God bless all our students that did so well for the O Level Exam . Do call us at 93850386 if u like to excel like all our students 100% happy parents and 100% happy students We provide Primary and secondary , GCE O level ,GCE A level , JC ,IP ,IB coaching in small group and individually. Subjects offered : English Maths Science Chinese Chemistry EM AM IP maths Integrated Maths GP Econs HL maths H1 maths H2 maths H3 maths We also provide online lessons through FaceTime and Skype

Intensive A Maths Tuition

 Join us for Intensive Last minute A Math tuition From fail to pass is possible with us. Call +65 93850386 for immediate attention.